Thursday, December 29, 2005

Another shot  Posted by Picasa

Chris tuning the Rabab Posted by Picasa

The stage is set and the team is all ready for the action.. We can almost see everybody in this picture Posted by Picasa

Another shot Posted by Picasa

Chris with the Rabab Posted by Picasa

Another one Posted by Picasa

Surjit Singh Ji with his Sarangi.. Posted by Picasa

Prof Suninder Singh with his Saranda..  Posted by Picasa

Another shot Posted by Picasa

Waiting for the stage.... Posted by Picasa

Another shot Posted by Picasa

Chris and Prof Sahib waiting while the stage was being set.. Posted by Picasa

Chris mooney ji, Amardeep ji.. waiting outside the Auditorium Posted by Picasa

Just wanted to show you the luggage that these poeple were carrying with them. There were 5 saaz.. one tabla, one jori, one pakhawaj..let alone their own stuff.. Posted by Picasa

Prof Suninder Singh having a quick chat with somebody from the sangat after the Kirtan. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More Pictures coming your way !!

There are still few more pictures that I have to load (I took a whole bunch of them). Would let you all know once it is done.. !!

Up close and Personal..
Well, I got a chance to see Chri's Rabab very closely. It looks very delicate, so I did not touch / pick it up. But the good part was, on the second day of the workshop, everybody was allowed to see and touch the instruments (and even play it..or atleast try playing it). Might not sound that great, but please remember.. it is not something that would happen everyday. You would not find all the 6 Tanti Saaz right in front of you..together. It was quite a sight, almost everybody wanted to feel the instruments.

Chris sharing his Rabab with the Sangat after the kirtan.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Amanroop Phenji and Prof Surinder Singh explaing the feelings associated with certian raags Posted by Picasa

Gurjot picking up some skills Posted by Picasa

The Taoos Posted by Picasa

Playing the Pakawaj Posted by Picasa

Tarni Phenji learning the dilruba Posted by Picasa

Scraping the atta off after the kirtan program Posted by Picasa

Preparing the Pakawaj with Atta Posted by Picasa